Atlas and Text of Breast Cytology

1st Edition ₹500

Authors: Gita Jayaram

Published by: Arya Publications

ISBN: 978-81-7855-873-8

This atlas and text describes and documents common and uncommon breast lesions encountered in fine needle cytology practice. Detailed accounts and illustration of clinical as well as cytological features, useful to pathologists and clinicians alike, are included. In resource-limited countries where fine needle cytology is often the first diagnostic test requested in a breast lump, it is an invaluable asset and would be especially useful to pathologists who perform and interpret fine needle cytology. This book strongly reflects the vital importance of close cooperation between clinician and pathologist. Much emphasis has been laid on perfection of the sampling and smear-preparing technique that go a long way in increasing both diagnostic sensitivity and specificity. Problems and pitfalls are highlighted as also methods to avoid artefacts that can compromise diagnostic accuracy. Ancillary tests like immunocytochemistry and molecular methods that can be done on the cytologic samples ae given due importance.

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