Textbook of Pathology for Homeopathy (Vol. I General Pathology and Haematology & Vol. II Systemic Pathology)

1st Edition ₹995

Authors: A K Mandal, Shramana Choudhury

Published by: Avichal Publishing Company

ISBN: 978-81-7739-584-6

A medical student has to read multiple subjects. comprehend them and assimilate them within their limited time. The present book is an attempt to solve many of these problems by making the book student freindly. A guideline has been given by superscripting double star and single star signifying must read and good to read topics respectively, without compromising the depth of the subject. Recent advances in the field of pathology are given in the section titled 'Advanced Reading Box' so that the students can keep themselves up-todate with the recent development.

The language of the book has been deliberately kept simple and lucid so that the scientific subject does not get lost in the quagmire of the language. Wherever possible, the text has been presented in bullet format so that the students do not get confused or loose time in deciphering and understanding the information. Pathogenesis of a disease is commonly complicated by the form of flow diagram. Moreover, it has also been seen that students studying books written by foreign authors often quote incidence of a disease from foreign countries and are not aware of the incidence of their country. This has a long term implication on health management and policy making. Therefore, keeping in mind the need of the student, this book provides region and country-specific data.

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