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Textbook of Preventive Dentistry and Dental Statistics

Authors : Dr. Pankaj Goel

“Textbook of Preventive Dentistry and Dental Statistics” by Dr. Pankaj Goel is a comprehensive textbook designed to fill the void of a defined syllabus for the knowledge of Preventive Dentistry, covering all aspects of prevention related to each specialty of dentistry. In-depth discussion of Dental Statistics, required for understanding disease causation, dynamics of transmission, identification of risk factors/rise groups, availability of diagnosis and application of diagnostic measures, is a key feature of the present textbook. In order to facilitate data analysis by beginners, step-by-step manuals for using epidemiologic software are included. As a highlight, emerging topics like AYUSH (Indian System of Medicine and Homeopathy), Tele-dentistry, and national laws of Dentistry and review of India-centric database on preventive trials have been discussed. The book is also set in a practical order, just the way a student should be able to connect oral epidemiology and biostatistics. Colourful pictures and various detailed diagrams help simplify information and shift perspective towards Preventive Dentistry as vibrant and not just a sluggish theoretical domain. This book is genuinely an effort to project preventive Dentistry as a subject of wider interest.

ISBN number : 978-81-7739-574-7

Edition: 1st

Avichal Publishing Company

Price: INR 695

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