Kit of Idioms & Phrases

1st Edition ₹200

Authors: Rajinder S. Dhillon

Published by: Arya Publishing Company

ISBN: 978-81-8296-733-5

Idioms and Phrases are the forms of expression whose meaning is not directly deduced from the words they are made up of. Over a period of time, English language has enriched itself by drawing elements from different and diverse sources. In the process of evolutaion, a large number of Idioms and Phrases have got assimilated in the language.
Idioms and Phrases not only enrich vocabulary and add colour to it but also eonvey images and ideas with a telling effects and break prosaic monotony.

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More about this book's authors

Rajinder S. Dhillon

R.S. Dhillon, a former Head, Department of English, Aggarwal College, Faridabad, is a post graduate in English Literature and Journalism. A renowned author and editor, he has been associated with leading institutes of Delhi as a faculty member. He is the recipient of ‘The H.R. Gokhale’ & ‘The Hindustan Times’ medals in journalism. The ‘Distinguished Author’ and ‘Life Time Achievement’ awards have been conferred upon him by ‘The Federation of Educational Publishers in India’.

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