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DGP Kit for NDA, NA Examination

Authors : Rajinder S. Dhillon

APC/DGP Kit has been menticulously prepared keeping in view the exact requirements of the NDA, NA Examination. Each subject has been comprehensively dealt with and properly analysed. Presentation is simple, clear and lucid. Explanations, illustrations, examples, detailed solutions abound the book. Various concepts and formulas are adequately elucidated. Plethora of exercises have been given to provide the necessary drill and instil confidence in the candidate.

It is hoped that this APC/DGP Kit will provide the launching pad for prefect take-off and successful flight.

ISBN number : 978-81-8296-730-4

Edition: 1st

Arya Publishing Company

Price: INR 500

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Rajinder S. Dhillon:

R.S. Dhillon, a former Head, Department of English, Aggarwal College, Faridabad, is a post graduate in English Literature and Journalism. A renowned author and editor, he has been associated with leading institutes of Delhi as a faculty member. He is the recipient of ‘The H.R. Gokhale’ & ‘The Hindustan Times’ medals in journalism. The ‘Distinguished Author’ and ‘Life Time Achievement’ awards have been conferred upon him by ‘The Federation of Educational Publishers in India’.

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