Pharmacology for Dental Students

1st Edition ₹650

Authors: S.K. Srivastava

Published by: Avichal Publishing Company

ISBN: 978-81-7739-565-5

This book provides the authoritative concept oriented and clinical application oriented text in concise form. The book is user-friendly, written in simple and lucid manner for BDS students as per DCI regulations on undergraduate teaching and fulfils their requirement, so that they can claerly understand the subject and are able to apply the knowledge acquired.
Apart from core drugs, are used in dentistry and important ones are analgesic, anti-inflammatory, styptics, antimicrobials, antiseptics etc. and some of them are used by dentists themselves such as local anaesthetic. Dentists and not treat the medical conditions but they should be able to manage medical emergency that may occur due to various reasons including drug interactions. Forr this purpose, they should have adequate knowledge of drugs used in medical conditions. Keeping this in mind, the description given in the book about the drugs used in medical conditions is relevant to BDS students.
The basic concepts have been clarified in each chapter with generalizations for better understanding. The dental uses of drugs with relevant explanation have been clearly mentioned wherever applicable. Important facts and reasonings are given throughout the text. Other important relevant points are claerly explained and generalization have been made. Important notes have been mentioned throughout the text. Key points have also been added in each chapter. The WHO, national and other relevant treatment guidelines have been followed wherever applicable. Figures and tables are purposeful, relevant and adequate for better understanding of the text.
The text also contains details and about newer drugs/aspects. drugs not available in India or used very infrequently. These may be of help for those who wish to gain some additional knowledge.
Suggestions and comments from students and readers are always welcome.

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