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Business Statistics Sem III B.Com. II (CDLU)

Authors : S.C. Sharma, R C Jain

The distinct features of the book are:

1. As per the requirement of the syllabus contents, exercise questions have been given in the following order:
(i) Short answer type questions (Theory)
(ii) Long answer type questions (Theory)
(iii) Short answer type questions (Numerical)
(iv) Long answer type questions (Numerical)
2. This book contains all the illustrations and exercise questions of our Hindi edition book.
3. The seqence of exercise questions is strictly as per the sequence of the contents of each chapter. Each chapter contains sufficiently large number of questions for practice.
4. The readers will find perfect accuracy with regard to formulae and answers of the exercise questions.
5. All the chapters have been thoroughly revised.
6. The exercises of the chapter on Theory of Probality has been fully solved and given as an Appendix of the book. The students are advised to practise first on their own and if required, take its help as a last resort.

We hope that book will prove useful to both students and teachers. Suggestions for the improvement of the book will be warmly acknowledged.

ISBN number : 978-81-7855-829-5

Edition: 1st

Arya Publications

Price: INR 380

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