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Complete Human Osteology

Authors : Dr. Renu Prasad

At the outset, I thank God for His blessings. Anatomy is a vast subject. Osteology, which forms a very critical subset, plays a very significant role in understanding gross anatomy. As a teacher and examiner with more than thirty four years experience, I can comprehened the difficulties faced by undergraduate students in mastering the subject. To assist in their endavour, the subject matter has been explained in detail and written in a very simple and easy to understand language. I am confident that students will benefit from this book.

ISBN number : 978-81-7739-562-4

Edition: 1st

Avichal Publishing Company

Price: INR 295

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Dr. Renu Prasad: Professor and Head, Department of Anatomy, Rajendra Institute of Medical Sciences, Ranchi. She has teaching experience of more than 31 years. She was the Editor-in-Chief of her college magazine for several years and some of her articles were published in the college magazine.

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