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Human Rights Values and Cultural Ethos

Authors : Dr. R.P. Dhokalia

The present book is a compendium of essays written by the author during his association (2002-04) as Honorary Consultant to NCERT in its Value Education program, and the lectures and address delivered by him subsequently. The book offers the author's reflections on the inter-connection between Human Rights and Duties, human values and cultural ethos. He emphasizes the inextricable linkage between values, culture and civilization which determines the dominat characterstic feature of the civilization. Divided in three sections, it focusses attention, on:

(i) certain specific facets of Human Rights which are complex and controversial and the challenges to the liberal, secular, democratic rights and values from the ongoing global scouge of religion inspired terrorism. He draws attention to the contemporary reality where there is excessive emphasis human rights, without any symmetrical appreciation and corresponding emphasis on human duties and responsilities;

(ii) Perspective and significate, of core Human Values, the values of modern democracy, the Rule of Law. while underlining the important role of Value Education in supporting, inculcationg and assimilating human values leading to value-based human life and

(iii) Cultural Ethos which provides the foundational strength for the awareness and acceptance of the human values, respect for human person and diginity, and effective Human rights laws.

The Epilogue presents the author's view on the imperative need for a vision and philosphy of education, without which a society is not capable of progressing successfully towards the goal of a value based life of quality-whether of material excellence or spiritual excellence or a balance between the two.

ISBN number : 978-81-8296-624-6

Edition: 1st

Arya Publishing Company

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