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Women Empowerment and Family Planning (A Study of Slums)

Authors : Dr. Nandini Sahay, Dr Sukhwant S. Bindra

Overpopulation in india has proved to be a big hindrance in the success of economic planning and development of the country. In India, the birth rate id higher than the death rate, which is the main, cause of overpopulation. The fertility rate has been falling due to the population policies and other measure, but it is still much higher when compared to other countries. Population stabilization cannot be cachieved just by adoptig the clinical methods and by provinding the choices of contraception or emergency obstetic care. It is equally important that women have a say in decisions relating to reproduction. But to exercise her reproductive rights, women need to the household. When women are able to choose the number and spacing of their children, population growth becomes slow which reduces the burden on existing natural resources. Gender equity and equility, empowerment of women, and ensuring women's ability to control their own fertility should be the conerstones of population and development-related goals. The ability to choose whether and when to have a child is a fundamental human right, it is central to women's health well being ad in many cases, survival.

It is against this background the dea of this book was conceived and reserach carried out in five slum pockets of the North-East District of Delhi. Besides the empirical study, a focus group discussion of men and women was also undertaken. Further, interview of the family planning provides was conducted to elucidate their view on this issue. It was found out that wome's overall empowerment index is positively corelated withe the adoption of the family planning methods.

The purpose of writing this book is to explain to the readers that positive association between women's empowerment and the use of modern family planning methods xists and how by empowering woment at all stage of their life, the problems associated with the overpopulation, reproductive, maternals and infant health can be solved. Also this book would be useful in attaining desired reproductive health and rights. A workers ca play an important role in empowering women to plan their family size.

ISBN number : 978-81-8296-676-5

Edition: 1st

Arya Publishing Company

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