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ICSE Understanding Arts Education-VII

Authors : Gautam Roy, Reeta Roy

The series Understanding Arts Education has been designed and developed as per the ICSE Syllabus for the students of Classes VI-VII. The books take us through the world of colours, texture, patterns anf forms- all of which are harmoniously blended into different designs. This series is a sincere and honest endavour how to draw but alsoenable them to explore their creativity and imaginations.
The books explain the concepts of the basic elements of art which include lines, forms, shapes, textures, proportion, persepective, light and shade, etc. They will also help students to explore the various tools of drawing and colouring such as the different types of pencils, pastel colours, water colours, oil paints , etc. A multiple of drawing and colouring techniques along with different forms of art such as portrait making, paper crafts, clay medliing, cartooning, story illustration, digital art, calligraphy, poster, making, greeting card making, book cover designing etc. have also been provided in this series.
The excercises in these books will help to create environments that stimulate creativity and will also facilitate students to learn how to make attractive paintings illustrations and various decorative items. Although the books are not step by step instruction guides, necessary instructions have been provided in them that will allow students to easily explore the world of colours and other art and craft activities.
We hope that through this series, students will find learning about art to a be a fun-filled and creative experience. We also hope that even teachers and parents will find the books interesting and they help them to make teaching an enjoyable process.

ISBN number : 978-81-8296-660-4

Edition: 1st

Arya Publishing Company

Price: INR 175

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