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ICSE Understanding Mathematics-5

Authors : M.L. Aggarwal, Neeraj Raj Jain, R.G. Gupta

Sailent Features of this book:

  • The book covers the entire prescribed syllabus.
  • Numbers system is extended beyond 6-digits so that students are able to read and write numbers upto tens of crores.
  • Formation of greatest and smallest numbers upto 9 digit with given digits has been explained nicely by means of solved examples.
  • International system of writing numbers id introduced for the first time.
  • Reading and writing of Roman Numerals s extended upto 200.
  • Addition and subtraction of numbers beyond 5 digits with refrouping (carrying) and with decomposing (borrowing) have been taught.
  • Multiplication is extended further by choosing multiplicans and multiplier in such a way that the product does not contain more than 9 digits.
  • Division of a 9-digit number by a suitable divisor is taught by means of solved examples.
  • Chapter on Factors and Multiples contain prime, twin prim, coprime numbers, etc. Use of H.C.F. and L.C.M. in daily life is taught by means of solved examples.
  • All the four fundamental operations are taught in the chapter on Fractions.
  • Multiplication and Division of a decimal number by a decimal number, conversation of a fraction into a decimal and vice versa is taken up in the chapter on Decimals. Use of decimal point in measurements is also taught.

ISBN number : 978-81-8296-652-9

Edition: 1st

Arya Publishing Company

Price: INR 330

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M.L. Aggarwal: M.L. Aggarwal retired from DAV College, Jalandhar in 1996 after teaching mathematics to students of classes XII to M.Sc. for more than three decades. He has written more than three dozen books for classes VI to XII based on ISC/ICSE and CBSE syllabi and for higher education. He was conferred with the Distinguish Author Award by the Federation of Educational Publishers in India in 2014.

Neeraj Raj Jain: Neeraj Raj, M.Sc., B.Ed., Jain started his career in 1996 as a teacher of mathematics at Lucknow Public School, Lucknow where he taught classes 6th to 12th. Later, he was promoted as the Head of Department in the same institution.
He worked for two and a half years as the vice principal of Chiranjeev Bharti School, Lucknow. Since December 2008, Jain has been teaching Mathematics at LRSS Inter College (Banthra), Lucknow (after being selected by U.P Intermediate Education Service Selection Board).
Neeraj Raj Jain also guides and prepares students for different engineering entrance examinations.
He can be reached at

R.G. Gupta: M.A.(Delhi), M.A., M.S. (U.S.A.) Retd. Principal Directorate of Education, Delhi Admin.

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