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Biochemistry for Dental Students

Authors : Dr. S.K. Gupta

'Biochemistry for Dental Students' has been written, keeping the syllabus and needs of BDS students in mind. My long experience of more than 20 years of teaching biochemistry to students of dentistry has come in handy in preparing this book.

The subject matter has been arranged sequentially to make a logical reading. Adequate colored diagrams and flow charts have been added for clear visualization and understanding. The text has been arranged point-wise to help the students to retain and reproduce the matter in examinations. Unnecessary details, including structural formulae, have been avoided to marke it easier for the students. Important confusing terms, concepts, facts etc. have been clearly explained and highlighted through colored boxes for clarity.

The "Clinical Focus" boxes present the clinical aspects arisring from the basic medical biochemistry. This will help the students to appreciate the importance of medical biochemistry in clinical medicine. New areas like cancer, molecular genetics, genetic engineering and molecular immunology have been given due emphasis. These are the rapidly developing frontiers of biochemistry and are hence, are included in the book.

Core areas of biochemistry like metabolism, enzymes, nutrition, endocrinology, free radicals and antioxidants etc. have been given due importance.

Common health problems with a strong biochemical basisi like Diabetes Mellitus, Jaundice, Respiratory Distrees Syndrome of the New Born, Hyper-cholestrolemia and several metabolic disorders viz Hyper-homocystinemia, Phenylketonuria etc. have been dealt with suitable clinical details so that the students are aware of their clinical impact.

ISBN number : 978-81-7739-516-7

Edition: 1st

Avichal Publishing Company

Price: INR 350

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Dr. S.K. Gupta: (M.D.), Director Professor, at Maulana Azad Medical College, New Delhi. He has been teaching medical biochemistry to B.D.S., M.B.B.S., and M.D. students for over thirty years. He is very well aware of the students' requirement as he is an examiner for many universities for MBBS and MD examinations and an expert in interview boards for appointment of residents and faculty positions.

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