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Rainbow Writing and Colouring with Activities MATHEMATICS Part - C

Authors : Prerna Gupta, Kalpana Sharma

'Rainbow-Writing and Colouring with Activities' is a set of 12 books, meant for tiny-tots who are just beginning to read and write. These books cover three basic subjects - English, Hindi and Mathematics. These books are designed to help children practice writing in a fun and play- way method.

The journey through this series will help children-

  • recognise letters and numbers
  • learn the important skills of writing alphabets in Hindi and English and numbers in seqence
  • learn phonic and sight words in English
  • gain knowledge of pre-number concepts and simple addition and subtraction in Mathematics
  • learn how to read and write 'matrayen' in Hindi

The books in this series provide complete class and home study worksheets to help children practice the writing skills that are essential before formal schooling. A few entertaining stories and poem along with attractive picture will help develop the speaking and listening skills in students. Some pages realted to General Science in Good Manners etc. have also been provided that are interesting for beginners.

ISBN number : 978-81-8296-589-8

Edition: 1st

Arya Publishing Company

Price: INR 140

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Prerna Gupta: B.Com (H) SRCC

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