Histology Workbook

1st Edition ₹250

Authors: Dr. Renu Chauhan

Editor or Professional Guidance: Dr. Sanshriti Chauhan

Published by: Arya Publishing Company

ISBN: 978-81-8296-575-1

Histology or Microanatomy word is received by the students with too much of an awe. This inspired me to simplify this difficult subject. Hence, the need was felt to introduce this histology workbook. The content of this work book has been kept simple yet lucid. In order to make the journey of learning histology easy, majority of the figures used in this work book are the actual photographs of the slides seen by the students through the microscope. I sincerely hope that this work book will find a wide acceptance among teachers and students alike. There is nothing absolute in medicine. Therefore, any constructive criticism or suggestions regarding improvements in this work book will be highly appreciated.

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More about this book's authors

Dr. Renu Chauhan
She is a graduate from the University College of Medical Sciences, Delhi and a postgraduate from Maulana Azad Medical College, New Delhi. She received Gold Medal for Best Thesis in Pre and Para Clinical Subjects. Dr. Chauhan did her senior residency from the All India Institute of Medical Sciences, New Delhi and was awarded Dr. Ranga Travel Grant for the best paper presented in the Conference of National Anatomical Society of India held in Jhansi in 1999. She is currently working as a Reader at the University College of Medical Sciences and Guru Teg Bahadur Hospital, Delhi.

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