Hematopathology Atlas

1st Edition ₹1240

Authors: Tejinder Singh

Published by: Avichal Publishing Company

ISBN: 978-81-7739-376-7

Authored by one of the leading diagnostic hematopathologists of India, the book Hematopathology Atlas is the result of decades of rich and precious dignostic experiences. With over 1600 high-quality colour photographs, the book reinforces the significance of morphology with a strong emphasis on basic morphological features of the entire spectrum of hematological disorders. It provides a comprehensive knowledge of hematology in a simple, yet concise and exquisitely illustrated format. Covering a wide range of information on etiopathogenesis, clinical profile, blood and bone marrow morphology and various common and rare disorders of blood. The book with its simple flow- charts, quick look-up tables and diagnostic algorithms will prove to be a trusted companion for the diagnostic pathologists and hematologists. It can be equally useful as a very good reference book for pediatricians, physicians and oncologists.

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More about this book's authors

Tejinder Singh
Director Professor, Department of Pathology, Maulana Azad Medical College, New Delhi

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