Business Studies (Including Case Studies) Class- XII

12th Edition ₹475

Authors: T.N. Chhabra, Sandhya Chhabra

Published by: Arya Publications

ISBN: 978-81-7855-776-2

Features of this book:
• The book has been designed as per the requirements of the latest syllabus and Question Paper Design prescribed by the CBSE.
• Questions from the latest CBSE Sample Paper (2016-2016) have been duly incorporated. Questions asked in the CBSE Examination, 2016 have also been duly incorporated.
• Adequate emphasis has been laid on conceptual clarity, working of business processes and application of basic concepts to satisfy the three learning objectives, i.e., Knowledge, Understanding and Application.
• Diagrams, tables and boxes have been extensively used to make various topics self-explanatory.
• Summary has been given at the end of each chapter for easy and quick recapitulation of the topics covered.
• To facilitate self-examination by the students, Very Short answer, Short answer and Long answer type questions have been given in a logical sequence at the end of each chapter.
• To test the analytical skills of the students, questions based on Application and Higher Order Thinking Skills (HOTS) and Small Case Studies have been included at the end of various chapters.
Questions requiring Evaluation (including Value Based Questions) with suggested answers have also been given towards the end of each chapter.

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