Bright Sparks- 1

1st Edition ₹100

Authors: Kanchan Deshpande, Gita Jayaram

Published by: Arya Publications

ISBN: 81-7855-079-2

'General Knowledge' is a constantly expanding area whose limits are being pushed back everyday with new events, new records and discoveries and of course, the Internet! Today, the ability to obtain any information required is far more important than remembering the actual facts. Thus the students of the future need skills that will help them find out for themselves almost anything they wish to know or use. Hence, General Knowledge is not about learning facts for tests. Rather it is about developing skills. This new series should be enjoyed by all users—teachers and students alike! It takes advantage of the natural curiosity of children and aims to develop in them the skills of finding out which will make them independent learners. While giving information, it provides fun through a variety of quizzes and puzzles. It helps them explore and care for the environment. We hope the students will enjoy this nicely developed series with interesting and attractive cartoons and realistic pictures too.

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