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Primary School Composite Mathematics Introductory (Activity based)

Authors : R.G. Gupta

This series, for primary classes, has been written keeping in mind the syllabus prepared under the New Policy of Education. The subject has been presented in graded form, keeping in mind that Mathematics involves the mastery of one skill before proceeding to another. The difficulties faced by the students at all levels have also been kept in mind. The first three parts of the series— Introductory, Part I and II are Activity Based and are printed in multicolour. Special care has been taken to make the books reader-friendly.

ISBN number : 81-7855-000-8

Arya Publications

Price: INR 100

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R.G. Gupta: M.A.(Delhi), M.A., M.S. (U.S.A.) Retd. Principal Directorate of Education, Delhi Admin.

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