The Right Approach to Attempting the Case Study Based Questions

February 08, 2017

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• Read the related question(s) first and then start reading the case study. This will help you to connect with the given case study better.

• After you have finished writing an answer read the same question again to ensure that you have answered it completely and not missed on any sub part(s) of that question before moving on to the next question

Take a few minute self-test. Try to attempt the question given below:

Ques: Identify the following principles of the management and state any one effect of their violation.

a) In a company there are separate departments for finance, marketing and production.
b) The workers and management both should honour their commitments without any prejudice towards one another.
c) There should be no discrimination against anyone on account of gender, religion, language, caste, belief or nationality etc.
d) A manager should replace ‘I’ with ‘We’ in all his conversations with workers to foster team spirit.
It has been observed by me personally that many a times even the brightest students get so involved in identifying the relevant principles that they forget to attempt the second part of question i.e. state any one effect of their violation.


• So I repeat after you have finished writing an answer, read the question again to ensure that you have answered it completely and not missed on any subpart(s) of the question.

• Look for the related clues in the question, it will help you to identify the related concepts easily. A few of the most important once are listed below:

Chapter: Nature and Significance of Management

Clue Words in the Case Study                Underlying Concept

    Intangible Force                                               Management
    Achieving Targets                                            Effectiveness
    Reducing cost                                                    Efficiency
    Quality on Management                              Coordination
    Essence of Management                              Coordination 

Watch Strategy to Attempt Case Study Based Quesions Part-II for an Extensive List of Clue Words Used in Case Study Based Questions.

Contributed by-
Alka Dhawan
PGT. Business Studies,
St. Georges School,
Alaknanda, New Delhi

Author of Case Studies Mentor and 20 Sample Papers in Business Studies

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