The Right Approach to Attempting the Business Studies Examination

December 28, 2016

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The mantra of scoring well lies not only in possessing good subject knowledge but developing an edge in presentation skills. The students must take into account the following guidelines:

  • They should go through the question paper thoroughly in calm and composed manner during the allotted reading time, as it is rightly said ‘well begun is half done’.
  • They should always start with an answer that they are very confident of as cutting or overwriting on the first page gives a bad impression. So decide during reading time itself if it would be preferable to start attempting answers from Q1... Q25 or in a reverse order from Q25 ...Q1. But the sequence should be adhered to either way.
  • In questions relating to comparison between any two concepts, always write the answer in a tabular form, mention the basis of difference and write complete sentences. ( Refer to Q 25 in the mock paper)
  • You must write an appropriate opening line for each answer. Moreover, it is better to support your answer with diagrams and suitable examples wherever possible.
  • Always divide the long answer questions into sub-points and leave lines between sub-points and also underline the sub-points.
  • In the answers related to techniques or principles of management they should always mention the name of the associated founder (Taylor/Fayol) in the opening line of the answer. (Refer to Q 21)
  • While writing the process-related answer, if you have forgotten any step you should leave the place (to write it later on if you are able to recall ) and not change the serial order of the remaining steps, as marks may be deducted for changing the serial order of the steps (if you tend to write missing step at the end).(Refer to Q 17)
  • While answering the value based questions, write only those values which are related to the mentioned case. (Refer to Q 15 & Q 20)

Most importantly, do not be in a hurry to leave the examination hall. Revise and revise the answers before you submit your answer sheets and also check your answers in the context to the question paper to ensure that you have not missed any sub-part of a question.

Contributed by- 
Alka Dhawan 
PGT. Business Studies, 
St. Georges School, 
Alaknanda, New Delhi

Author of Case Studies Mentor and 20 Sample Papers in Business Studies

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